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Shenzhen IMR Technology Co., Ltd
Contact information:
Sales Manager--Dora Zou
Office Tel:+86 0755-29007005
Add:No. 210, Building E, Tangshuiwei, Baoshan Industrial Area, Minzhi Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Shenzhen IMR Technology is the manufacturer of IMREN products.IMREN products include 18650/26650/18500/18350/18490/16340/10440 batteries and battery chargers.Our products are super-quality with all standard documents including CE,ROHS,MSDS UN38.3 certificates,and export to worldwide especially America Europe,you can find IMREN distributors in many countries,Ecigaspire is our IMREN battery distributor in UK,we will appreciate it if you also wanna join us!

Hot-selling products:
Gold IMREN 18650 3000MAH 20A/40A 
Gold IMREN 18650 3500MAH 15A/30A
Gold IMREN 18650 2500MAH 20A/40A
Green IMREN 18650 3200MAH 40A
IMREN 18650 2600MAH 38A
IMREN 18650 2800MAH 35A
IMREN 26650 4200MAH 60A
IMREN 26650 5500MAH 60A
IMREN 18500 1100MAH 20A
IMREN 18350 800MAH 15A

Sony vtc4/vtc5/vtc5a/vtc6
Samsung 25r/ 26f/ 29e/30q

Nitecore i2/i4/d2/d4/um10 /um 20 charger
IMREN X2/H2/HB2/K4 smart charger